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i'm not sure if this is the right place to espouse the merits of maintaining a journal but since this is my chosen medium, i might as well. i have been maintaining a journal for over five years, but hadn't written anything for a few months now, chiefly since my old journal is full and i haven't found/bought a suitable replacement yet. i've found my journal to be the perfect place to go to whenever i'm struck by inspiration, but then, that's expected. the other salient benefit is that it is a fantastic record of things past and lets me relive both the glorious and sad moments of my life. it guides me when i have doubts, gives me a warm glow inside when i'm cold and lifts me when i'm down. the best part is that it is all me, my thoughts, opinions, ideas, plans and poetry

well that's all that i can think of right now, more later

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