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are they serious? turns up five thousand results when i search for a job, over three thousand if i search with keywords. around twenty five hundred when i specify that i want results only from today, i'm not buying that. if that many jobs are posted every day how come nobody seems to be getting any jobs? flip dog is another joke, they send me two hundred results every day, hotjobs on the other hand sends a manageable six to ten results per search agent. but i almost never get any replies on these websites. monstertrak, which is affiliated to usc seems to be more genuine, i'm not sure why, is it not freely accessible by non usc students? i'm not sure. fears of war, likelihood of the h1-b visa quota being reduced to a ridiculous 65k per year, heck, why is everything going wrong at the same time? should i just pack my bags and go to apna desh? something to mull over over the next six months or so.

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