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how much?
how much of what we experience belongs to us? if we are part of an event, an occurence, we may be authorized to write about it, but if we are not active participants, only onlookers, can we take the liberty to talk about that event? describe it? reporters do that, they report what they see, mostly atleast.
what am i talking about?
well, it is like this, one of my roommates was renting a car this weekend and normally the car rental comes and picks up the rentor. they almost held him up today, making him wait for almost two hours. i wanted to narrate the incident with the intention of illustrating a case of bad customer service, especially from a company which normally gives excellent service in our past eperience with them. but then, i wondered if i was at liberty to talk about the occurence when it wasn't me experiencing the whole thing but someone else, my status being that of a mere observer. all this probably sounds very abstract, but the point i'm trying to make is, is it in any way unethical to discuss in a public forum someone else's experience without their permission? is it all right if the event is fictionalized? or the names changed? hmm, i wonder...

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