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of totally banal conversations

it's funny how predictable conversations go here. especially with people you know but don't really hang out with. it all goes something like this,

hey ubaid!
hey man (i never seem to remember names) what's goin
bas yaar what about you?
bas yaar chal raha hai, nothing new,
how are ur courses?
ah don't talk about them, don't feel like studying
man, just wanna get outta here,
haha, mera to woh tension nahin, just ek unit aur
uske liye bhi kuch kaam nahin kiya ab tak, pata nahin
kya karoonga
cool man good fer ya
so, howz the job search going?
bas yaar chal rahi, nothing seems to be happening
any replies?
nope man, what about u?
nahin yaar, i don't even get automated responses
anymore (hahahaha)
hahaha, haan yaar,
and what websites are u applying on?
wohi, monstertrak, hotjobs, sometimes flipdog
haan me2, but monster and flipdog give way too many
results, looks fishy, somebody was telling me they
even have fake postings, suckers
weird yaar, no replies only, how the heck will we get
a job if they don't even read the f*ing resumes
aur saala aaj kal to yeh war ka bhi tension hai
hmm lagta hai fir des lautna padega
hmm, i might actualy, i haven't been back, paise nahin
hain lekin :(
main to soch raha hoon opt mein six months spend
karoonga uske baad just go back for good,
yeah i'm thinking along the same lines dude, is
country mein apne liye kuch hai nahin aisa lagta hai
hopefully something will happen,
hmm, hopefully, sigh
chal then dude, i gotta go,
haan me too, take care and all the best
yeah, u2.

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