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romantic poems
rising and rising, slowly upward,
simmering in the warmth,
stretching like a lazy cat
on the sunlit patch
whistling in the cold
dark blustery nights
words of romantic poems
letters in the trash
eyes staring hard
looks averted in time
sometimes, sometimes not
dreams on soft, down filled beds
laid on the floor
crushed, trampled, destroyed
age in the race
breathing hard, far away
days of inclement weather
dark sad and gray
life and death
beating together
breathing together
in one breath one
in another, the other
always shy, always afraid
proud, single, lonely, alone
arrogant sonfabitch, wake up
wake up as yet,
sing a song, murmur, whisper, shout
or remain forever without
darkness remains, inside, and out
what if what if?
always the same refrain
what if what if indeed,
a heart torn apart
is better than one shrivelled, indeed!
vagrant looks, furtively seek,
here now and then there
nothing to be found, when,
hope itself is dead.

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