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telecasting from your local walmart - elevator
yeah, i have a new story nobody wants to hear. i'd always wondered what it would be like to use the emergency phone in the elevators which have notices saying "do not panic if the elevator doors fail to open or the elevator becomes inoperative. use the alarm button or telephone "if furnished"(their quotes)". well, today i found out what it is like, it is soooooooo boring and, i'm not sure if this is the norm, but highly inefficient.

here's what happened, i got into the elevator intending to go to he third level and there was another lady who was headed towards the second. the elevator doors did not open at the second floor so we started pressing all the buttons, which resulted in us ending up at the basement. now the customer elevator is not supposed to go to the basement but then this thing was out of order, too bad i did not realise that. the doors opened at the basement and the other lady got out, i decided to be adventurous and try and get to the top level in the same elevator (!). when the doors closed again, the elevator refused to move at all and the doors remained firmly closed.

there it was, the moment i'd so often speculated about, i used the emergency telephone, which fortunately was "furninshed" and spoke to these guys, who, surprisingly asked me where i was. i'd expected there to be a system in place to let them know where i was. anyways, they asked me if i was at the galleria mall, i wasn't sure what the mall was, so i just said yes, another stupid mistake. help was apparently on its way and would take around fifteen to twenty minutes. fifteen to twenty minutes! what place is this? timbuktu?!! talk of instant gratification. this was at 325pm, i hoped to be liberated by 4pm, accounting for everything. evidently i hadn't. after half an hour i called them up again wondering what was happening and discovered that they'd sent help yeah, to some mall in dallas, texas!! so this time i give them the exact location, address and all and sit back for another half an hour of waiting. i had a receipt in my pocket which had the number of the mall on it. my cell phone had reception in one corner of the elevator, but only when the antenna was all the way out. so i called up these people and told them of my predicament, with my head tilted sideways so that the phone may remain horizontal and the antenna stay out. the people at walmart said they would send someone to look into it but nothing really seemed to be happening. for the next hour i called them some three to four times and finally at five i heard this guy outside saying they would get me out in a few minutes, and they did, thankfully. it was just starting to get uncomfortable. they were all apologetic, but did not offer any discounts or anything as i'd been hoping . so there it is, another adventure in america!

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