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remember my post on the fanastic number of results monster gives? well as i was desperately wading through the plethora of results today i came across this posting. in case that links becomes inactive, here's the initial few lines,

US-GA-Atlanta North-Web Developer Status: Full Time, Temporary/Contract/Project, Employee
Reference Code:CD 33
Superior Technical Resources is looking for 1 Web Technology Specialist (Web Developer)
Requirement: 90 Day duration from start - estimate start date on/before 1 December 2002
Note; position could develop into a longer requirement depending on continuing needs and the quality and work performance of the incumbent - but this is not a guarantee!

okay, what's funny about this post? well, the results say the post was made on march 14, 2003, and the post wants someone to start on the first of december last year! halloooo? are they recycling old posts or what? apparently some kinda shitty stuff is going on here, sigh...

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