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what if?
with war looming so close, maybe it is time to ask what if iraq does have all those chemical, biological and nuclear weapons that bush insists it does and decides to use them? i honestly don't believe iraq possesses anything, quatitatively or qualitatively, that anyone needs to be afraid of but assuming for a moment that it does, is bush willing to subject american troops to those weapons in the theater of war? for, if saddam hussein has those weapons, won't he try and use them to horrendous effect against the american and british soldiers currently in kuwait? could he not launch spiteful missiles against israel? does the american thrust hope to stun the dictator into inaction? or do they know that he won't really be able to retaliate effectively, are secure in that knowledge, and know their job is to soften the target, march in and take over the country? so many questions, so many hypotheses, so many lies, so many versions of the truth, such few wise men, such few facts, such few answers.

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