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american democracy, revisited
ideofact's bill allison, in this response to american democracy, ample proof of why i have so much respect for him by the way, presents responses to the points i'd made and i'm inclined to agree with him on most of those. i did not really wish to contest the claim that steiner's description was inconsistent with what america is to most people, my only contention, if it has to be put that way, is that life for people isn't necessarily so bad or limited in other states either.
in response to bill's doubts, yes i do experience the desires that steiner talks about, and no i do not think they are unachievable, but is america really the only society where the common man ever aspires to these things and achieves them? not quite.
america, for all its perfection, also has its share of imperfections, it is not the utopia that some would have you believe. i've been on both sides of the fence and though the grass is greener here, maybe it is not as sweet. but then i lack experience, years later, with my hair a little lighter and my fingers a little slower, i might just type another post telling you the best days of my life were the days i spent here in the us :)

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