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a blog by any other name?
browsing through my weblog stats this afternoon, i saw a hit coming in from this weblog. interestingly, it is another ublog, i'd seen it before when i submitted my weblog to either globeofblogs or bloghop websites. reading michael's latest post, i was a little disappointed and i must admit, offended. it suggested i may have been inspired to name this blog after seeing his own, besides other invectives. i offered a polite explanation and michael was kind enough not only to edit his post but also to send me an apology through email. he's even added me to his blogroll, and i've reciprocated. you can read the comments on michael's weblog for a complete picture. interesting diversion from war stories and bad poetry i guess.
the whole incident reminded me of something similar happening on a software management forum i often hang out at. someone had been usind a pseudonym for a while when another user decided to pick the same name. since usernames were not actually handles, there was no way anyone could ensure exclusive use, everything was on a per-post basis. the original user tried protesting but then resorted to prepending 'the real' to the contested username.

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