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france bashing
unmedia speaks about this article on the uss clueless. my comments in response,

Measuring by the yardstick being used for France it might be instructive to look at similar trends in America. I've been a teacher's assistant at a public school in Los Angeles and the state of the French public education system as described by Theodore Darlymple is uncomfortably consistent with my own experience here. Guy Milliere, in his frontpagemag claims france will have a muslim majority within twenty years, a claim that is literally laughable. When Steven claims that most of those Muslims will be radicals, he exhibits an increasingly common and unfortunately fashionable racial slur, muslim=bad, islam=radical.

He also offers no references or back up for the following claims,
The only group with a high birth rate are the Muslims, who are for the most part not making any significant economic contribution to France. Needless to say, any generalization about a group will necessarily have significant exceptions, but taken as a group most of the Muslims are not integrated into French society, tend to be badly educated, are much more likely to be unemployed or to be employed in low paying jobs, and are increasingly miserable and resentful - and radical. Extreme forms of Islam are being preached in France and are becoming increasingly popular, and what they're preaching is revolution. Extrapolation of current trends will make the Muslims a voting majority in France soon, and then anything could happen. But the crisis may happen sooner, because they're smuggling and stockpiling weapons

I'm no defender of the French, but if there has to be France bashing atleast don't do it at the cost of objectivity.

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