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I'm planning to fly home as soon as i graduate and come back just before my opt starts. it will be twenty two long months if i get home on the eighteenth of may, since i've seen amma, bawa, addu, avi, the rest of my family and friends. this post is not about that though, it is about my increasing frustration at getting the tickets. i was about to get northwest for a thousand fifty which was fairly reasonable, and the cheapest deal available at that time. then this very good friend of mine told me he could get me tickets with malaysian for an unbelievable eight fifty. i dropped my northwest plans and decided to go fer malaysian. the reason this deal was sooo sweet fer me, besides the financial one of course, is that malaysian serves halal food, which meant i could gorge on non veg, on most other airlines i'd have to starve or request for the vegetarian cuisine, which is either non existent or entirely unpalatable (vegetarians of the world, i hear ya). newayz, i keep waiting for my tickets but there is a long chain of command here and it's almost been three weeks now. between reminders, communication gaps and the unavoidable weekend delays, i finally came to know today that the tickets will cost around eleven fifty (WHOA!) well, i'm absolutely frustrated right now, there are rumors of tickets for a thousand bucks, not malaysian though, chuck it, i'll go for the cheapest deal, can always cook and carry my lunch+dinner right?

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