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going back
in about a month i'll have graduated with a masters degree in computer networks, my avowed purpose to be in the land of the free achieved. i'll fly for bombay on the eighteenth, on korean air, via seoul, twenty three hours of flying, vegetarian meal, thank you very much. i'll see my parents, my brother and my brother, again after twenty two months, and try and harmonize my memory with what they look like now, as i will with everything else there. they'll do the same with me, look, listen and gauge, and then decide everything is fine, ubu beta has not been spoiled by the corrupting influences of america, both imagined and real and by unsupervised grad student life. atleast i'm hoping they'll reach that conclusion. then i'll get reacquainted with old friends, all the books i've left behind, books that shaped me, books i used to be burrowed in late at nights, reading in the kitchen since the other rooms were dark in honor of the sleeping. we'll sit down and talk, exchange stories, hug and kiss, and lament the coming of the first of july when i'll have to fly back here. but this time it will be easier, once you have gone and returned, you know the world goes on, even without you around, the youngest has grown from child to adolscent, the younger from adolscent to man, and you have studied, moving from bachelor to master. and time, like a river in flood, rages on.

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