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isn't it a little early for frustration? from the washintonpost,
Mohammed is incensed that U.S. troops, during their first few days in Baghdad, did little to stop the wave of looting that eviscerated nearly every government building in the city, including the national library and a museum housing 5,000-year-old antiquities. He also is livid that the U.S. military has not yet restarted power, water and trash-collection service across the city.

"We were promised a better life," he said. "We have no security. We have no services. Is this better?"

After three weeks of intense airstrikes, a ground invasion and the bedlam that accompanies a war, some of Mohammed's expectations for a speedy recovery may be unreasonable. But they are not uncommon. More than two dozen Baghdad residents interviewed over the past few days voiced a similar sense of frustration and resentment, with many saying they are no longer eager to give the United States a chance to rebuild their country.
i just hope this is not a sign of a growing anti-american sentiment in iraq, eventually leading to far more unfortunate and horrifying results. also, this should not used as a tool in 'how ingrate can those iraqis be, we saved them after all!' arguments.

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