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well i've been catching up on a load of movies i'd been intending to watch for a while. here are one line reviews,

philadelphia - tom hanks, hiv positive and thus fired from his law firm, and denzel washington, as hanks' cocky counselor, in a brilliant drama show the world what good acting is all about

the cider house rules - i'm no fan of tobey maguire but he's well cast in this movie adaptation of john irving's novel of the same name. michael caine and charlize theron share credits, this one's too a must watch.

thelma and louise - susan sarandon and geena davis go from fun weekend to a plunge into the grand canyon in this road trip gone haywire, directed by ridley scott. co-starring harvey keitel as the understanding detective and brad pitt as the thieving charmer, this movie put pitt's (!) career on track to super stardom.

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