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freedom, terror, security, wmd, homeland. words and just that, nothing more, words that have lost their edge, they sound trite, meaningless. words should be kept like the tools of a craftsman, sharp and clean, when president bush speaks it looks like he's been chewing on them for a while, like gum, and after having extracted the last bit of flavor, he spits them out, for a sticky meaningless serving in our newspapers and on our television sets. much more surprising is when network news channels like foxnews go on and chew on that tasteless gum all the more, without a murmur of protest from the apparently numbed audience.
statesmen like winston churchill and john f. kennedy understood the art of speaking, they could move people with their words, bush on the other hand, needs to fire his speech writer. churchill, during the second world war, held sway over the very minds of people, using human psychology as much as arms and tanks in beating the third reich. kennedy, with his youth and charm gave the people of america the assurance of ultimate victory in the cold war, he dreamt and the nation dreamed with him. with bush, it is one nightmare after another.

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