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the lesson
i've just finished an excellent short story, the lesson (1972) by toni cade bambara. it is colloquial, bare and, as the title suggests, does have a lesson. an excerpt,
"Imagine for a minute what kind of society it is in which some people can spend on a toy what it would cost to feed a family of six or seven. What do you think?"
"I think [.....] that this is not much of a democracy if you ask me. Equal chance to pursue happiness means an equal crack at the dough, don't it?"
every solution comes with its own set of problems. the ever widening gulf between the rich and the poor is both an economic as well as an insidious social issue, the solution to which is fairly complicated and not easily achieveable. with globalization and an enthused, high income yuppie generation reaping off the constantly expanding software industry in india, this looks like a developing situation back home.

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