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there seems to be a sliver of sense being exhibited by the pakistanis in the indians in an effort to solve the kashmir issue. pakistan has made overtures as the times of india reports. i'm wondering if america's actions in iraq have anything to do with all the flurry of activity to solve the region's considerable problems with terrorism. with their support for the so called 'freedom fighters' hardly being secret, it is time for the pakistanis to rethink their strategy of supporting infilitration into kashmir and let the indians some breathing space to nurse that region back to normalcy. of course the onus does not lie with pakistan alone, india has to take its share of the blame in screwing up things so badly in that most beautiful of the country's states, and to work out a plan to recovery.
tacitus noted how america's granting of a free trade pact to singapore snubbing chile, atleast for a while, smacked of vengeance for chile's stand in the run up to the war. we in the subcontinent have a different tack, we stopped playing cricket with pakistan! a particularly sorry episode took place several years ago (and in fact has been repeated recently) when a local politician's thugs, a night before the start of an eagerly awaited game, dug up the cricket pitch making play impossible.

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