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an unlikely story
rumsfeld says it is unlikely they'll find weapons of mass destruction at suspected sites. he's hoping for iraqis volunteering information. an excerpt, my emphasis,
[.....]the reality is that, if we have knowledge of a site -- and a suspect site is probably the way we should phrase it -- it's very likely things are not there."
[.....]"The only way I know we're going to get it is through people. If anyone has any ideas, we're always happy to hear them," he said.
[.....]"There are many teams of people out looking at the sites that we're aware of," Rumsfeld said. "But, as I say, I don't think we're going to just stumble over something.
stumble over something? i'd think by now they should've stopped stumbling and started looking with their eyes open, which they presumably are, but not finding anything to backup bush's pre-war claims. tacitus, who's been pro-war, though more for these reasons than those touted by bush, sees a silver lining in baghdad and the gulf. aziz advises getting hold of an umbrella.

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