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an unreasonable fear
i've mentioned this before, but haven't discussed it at length. i was at the federal building today, 300 N Los Angeles St., i'll be there again next week, to get the papers that will allow me to make a trip outside the states. this was the first time i was there, for, i'm of that tiny group of non-american muslims currently in america who did not have to go to the ins and get fingerprinted. it is humbling. i'm very proud of being an indian, to think that i'm not being subjected to what can only be called religion based profiling because of my nationality is a perk i'd never imagined i would be required to enjoy. the time i was there, i had this strange feeling, somewhere deep in my heart, that they'll suddenly decide to get hold of me, and haul me off to an interrogation room, "we've been reading ublog, hmm, u need to answer a few questions". this is anecdotal of course, but yeah, the thought did occur to me.
of course, going to the ins has always been a nightmare from the horror stories i've heard from seniors. you're required to be there at 3am or earlier to ensure that you get your work done. they do not seem to have online applications or appointments, atleast none that i know of. there is a lot more, guess i'll put that up next week, after my visit.

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