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switching cities
from india to the us and then from los angeles to san jose, from graduated and unemployed to graduated and interning, from family to friends to no one. it has been one rocking week for me. in the space of five days i'd set foot in three different countries and four different cities, phew! i'm tired.

san jose has a sucky transit system, that is my first impression atleast. the worst thing is there is nothing like the trip planner at the LA met transit authority's u can call up and find routes it seems but the wait on the phone is a little above my tolerance level. you'd think with all the tech muscle this area has someone would put a trip planner online here, hmm, i can smell an opportunity.....

my bro's bit the bait.

in other news, i spent one hour at the light rail station the other day, the first train i couldn't get into coz i'd been waiting to see if trains were still runnig at that hour before i splurged on a ticket (when u r earning peanuts u need to watch every dime ;)), the second one i left coz in my telephonic conversations i mixed up which direction i was supposed to go, it was the third train that i finally hopped onto.

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