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haha, this is real funny.

i'm not sure if u've noticed but tacitus seems to have gotten less objective and more invective. first there was the attack on islamic and/or iraqi culture citing the case of a little girl who'd been raped and then subjected to physical abuse from her own sick family members, latest is his diatribe about how islam is one of the "few movements, peoples, or ideologies that have in the course of history sought to destroy Western Civilization as such".
it's funny how newspapers twist the truth, the headlines convey something and the actual article says something entirely different. two cases in point, the first was an article in the san jose mercury news last week that spoke about a tape that had surfaced in baghdad, with saddam hussein allegedly urging a "holy war". the actual article did not mention anything about a holy war as such, saddam hussein urged the iraqis to "wage a jihad against the americans". "jihad" in this context was not related to religion at all, rather it was an exhortation for the iraqis to fight the people who'd toppled hussein. the second article that caught my attention was in the wall street journal, the headline said something akin to "iraqi scientists talk about attempt to create biological weapons", the article was actually about a failed attempt to use ricin, back in 1991 and the methods used even then were so crude the whole thing was scrapped before it even got off the ground. my point is, why do respected newspapers sensationalize the headline at the cost of credibility?

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