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the bombay bombings
the audacious bombings in the city of my birth make it all the more obvious how the militant and so called islamic terrorists are seeking out soft targets to make their point. bombay has been subjected to a series of blasts over the past six months and this latest one represents a clear failure of indian intelligence to detect and prevent such attacks. with the ayodhya hearings in progress this is a particularly sensitive time in india, actions like this one can easily spark the fairly volatile sentiments of the hindus as well as the muslims. sectarian violence has plagued my country for a long time and i've personally witnessed its ugly face following the demolition of the babri masjid in 92. with the wounds of what happened in gujrat last year still fresh and hurting it is necessary leaders from both communities tread very very carefully. the law enforcement agencies too better pull up their socks and nip the phenomenon of terrorism under the guise of jihad and islamic justice in the bud, before any more lives are lost and bombs detonated. it is easy for extremists on both sides to claim they have the support of the majority, that claim is not only wrong, it is rather dangerous for it is the tool used to whip up mob frenzy, the precursor to murderous riots. the students' islamic movement of inda, lashkar-e-toiba and jaish-e-mohammad have been named as possible suspects behind the blasts, i'm hoping they are ruthlessly pursued and brought to justice before they get a chance to further disrupt the everyday lives of mumbaikars and indians.

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