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doing the right thing..
... and interpretations thereof. what exactly is the right thing? the anti-defamation league derides the members of the un general assembly, and especially the european union for not being able to "muster the courage to do the right thing". a resolution calling on israel to abstain from its avowed action against yasser arafat passed 133 to 4, with the nays coming from israel (but of course), the united states (ahem, but of course), micronesia and the marshall islands. apparently the whole world is wrong except israel, the us and m&m, just like the time they wanted the iraq war.
i don't even understand this new found obsession with yasser arafat, can anyone honestly claim removing him, be that assassination or expulsion, will solve or even begin the process of solving the israel-palestine issue? will it heal the situation in any manner? the problem, of course, is far more deep rooted, the solution does not lie in getting rid of an almost spent symbol, rather it does in the streets of palestine and israel. the israelis are wasting their time on arafat, and making no progress toward peace, they are helping worsen a situation that has been way out of hand for years now, these actions will in no way deter another generation of palestinians from pursuing a messed up sense of martyrdom, rather it is likely to drive them toward more violence.

dave barry takes a hilarious potshot at the california recall tar pit. via winterspeak.

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