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the nincompoop confessions
i've just found out i'm grossly incompetent, stupid and have been spectacularly ill equipped to recognize how unbelievbaly low on the intellectual scale i've stood in the twenty three years of my life. this article i ran into recently talks about how how easy it is for stupid people to think they are smart for the rather simple reason that they are not smart enough to realize they are stupid, which is a paradox, but anyway. so well, the time i locked myself out of the car, with the engine running, was not a sign of absent minded forgetfulness, it was, horror of horros, clear and simple evidence that i AM STUPID. and the reason i don't have a job yet is that recruiters and hiring managers knew all along what i'm only just starting to realize, my years in school, college and university have been an absolute drain, not only on my father's hard earned money and my teachers' well worn patience but also on my worthless brain that has resisted all efforts to develop the metacognitive ability to recognize my own limitations. apparently the reason i don't get a thousand hits a day is not because people don't have the intellectual acumen to understand my very literal and absorbing posts but that my posts are neither very literal, nor absorbing, in fact, i've begun to suspect, i'm the classic, much feared and loathed, bore. i've obviously over estimated my sense of humor for it is often that i say something hilarious and people start looking at each other uncomfortably, searching for a cue perhaps to laugh or whine. or kick me out of the room. it is further evidence of my stupidity that after reading this fairly revealing bit of research, and realizing what an incompetent nincompoop i am, instead of hanging my head in shame and shutting up forever, i'm making another abortive attempt at humor. sigh! some people never learn...

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