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that cowboy from texas
with every american soldier that falls victim to iraqi guerilla resistance, with every bomb that rips apart the americans' attempt at rebuilding iraq, with every dollar spent and asked for in keeping this occupation going, president bush's image as a reckless cowboy gather greater credibility. from his boast of 'bring them on' to his historic rhetoric of 'they are either with us or against us' this president has demonstrated an appalling lack of statesmanship, an unforgivably short sighted view of things. an article in the washingtonpost says,
The planned request -- which congressional budget analysts said will be nearly double what Congress expected -- reflects the deepening cost of the five-month-old U.S. occupation and serves as an acknowledgement by the administration that it vastly underestimated the cost of restoring order in Iraq and rebuilding the country's infrastructure.
[my emphasis]
what remains to be seen is how far bush is ready to continue with his flawed policies before he starts finding solutions to problems he's so ineptly created. as a side question, how safe is it for america to continue nuclear/bioweapons research in the face of such trigger happy, war mongering short sighted leadership?

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