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a bunch of morons
Israel is going ahead with its incomprehensible decision to 'take out' Arafat. About Sharon, and quoting him, the New York Times says,
Mr. Sharon's pattern, first as a general and then as a politician, has been to set seemingly audacious goals, or to employ seemingly audacious tactics like the use of warplanes against Palestinian targets, and then, over time, to accustom even his sharpest critics to them.

Speaking of removing Mr. Arafat as he addressed Parliament in Jerusalem on Monday, he said: "Our policy is becoming more and more conceivable to various international bodies. I am convinced our policy will succeed."

Mr. Sharon, who in a newspaper interview last week appeared to rule out exiling or killing Mr. Arafat, did not explain what measures Israel might take against him.

If exiling and killing are both out of question then what will they end up doing? Putting him under house arrest? Isn't that practically the situation right now anyway?

Meanwhile, Malaysia's premier makes a spectacularly stupid statement, and gets chided, but of course.

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