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the month of ramzan
There is something wonderful about this month of fasting. In my experience it has served to bring me closer to family and friends, there is a warm fuzzy feeling getting up at five in the morning, with all the family, mom trying to keep you from dozing off, sitting on the dastarkhan* with sleepy groggy heads and drooping eyes, and trying to cram in enough to last the day, especially when you are young, skinny and very insecure about yourself. I remember trying to drink six or seven glasses of water before the announcement came booming over the loudspeaker signalling the start of the fast, and of course that still wouldn't quite work, you always feel thirsty. This time however, I'm lonely in San Jose, pulling myself out of the bed in the morning, eating something without really caring and going back to sleep, Ramzan is so much better when you are home.

* dastarkhan akin to a tablecloth, but used for serving food on the floor as opposed to on a table

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