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the turkey bombings
A shocking piece of news, what mentality motivates an action as despicable as this? Who has been wronged and to what degree to extract such vengeance? The report in NYT says,
The claim of responsibility came in an anonymous phone call to Anatolia. The caller said attacks would continue ``to prevent the oppression against Muslims,'' the agency said.

I wonder what oppression is being spoken of here, it's imperative the conspiracy theorists be stopped from targeting soft targets like the synagogue in Turkey and the Arab neighborhood in Riyadh earlier this week. Obviously terrorism is not something that can be fought by waging war with countries that harbor or sympathize with terrorists for they just seem to move their operations elsewhere. What is needed is for national and regional governments to heighten security and, very critically, for those Muslims who belive in Western/American/Jewish conspiracies of taking over the world to wake up to reality and the fact that no justice to crimes committed, perceived or real, lies in blowing up car bombs at synagogue entrances.

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