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the dictator's dead! long live the dictator?
Not a day goes by that new examples of horror don't emerge from Iraq. In this latest instance of why things in Iraq just get uglier, the BBC reports (in turn from CBS' 60 Minutes),
CBS says the pictures it obtained show a wide range of abuses, including:

* Prisoners with wires attached to their genitals

* A dog attacking a prisoner

* Prisoners being forced to simulate having sex with each other

* A detainee with an abusive word written on his body.

The prison where the abuses are alleged to have taken place was a notorious torture centre during the Saddam Hussein era.

The article further talks about Sgt. Chip Fredrick, one of the soldiers charged by the Army saying he wasn't aware of Geneva Convention Rules. What kind of a moron is he to need the Geneva Convention to realize how appallingly wrong his conduct was? This guy is a prison officer in Virginia, is this the way he behaves with prisoners here in the US? I hope not.
There are some rather graphic pictures here (via Tacitus).

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