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history repeating?
Can we kick Israel from the community of nations now? No really, what about now?
The IDF's actions in Gaza are bringing back memories of the Shoah for some, via today's Washington Post,
"On TV I saw an old woman rummaging through the ruins of her house looking for her medication, and it reminded me of my grandmother who was thrown out of her house during the Shoah," or Holocaust, Lapid (Justice Minister Yosef Lapid - ub) told Israel radio in an interview after the weekly session.

In the radio interview, Lapid also disclosed that the army is developing plans for demolishing up to 2,000 more houses to expand the security corridor between the camp and the Egyptian border to prevent weapons smuggling into Gaza. Israel has already destroyed an estimated 1,300 houses in the area since the Palestinian uprising began in September 2000, uprooting an estimated 11,000 people.

The destruction of homes must stop because it is "inhuman, un-Jewish, and causes us great harm around the world," Lapid added. "In the end we'll be kicked out of the U.N., we'll be put on trial in The Hague [seat of the International Court of Justice], and no one will want to have anything to do with us."

There are some wars you know who to take a stand with and some where the protagonists spiral the violence to include civilains without any regard for who's culpable and who's not. I don't see how the Palestinians or the Israelis are moving toward any sort of solution or lasting peace, it is just not happening, and a pitifully small number of people seem to realize that.

Why should a sin done by the Germans are repaid by the Palestinians? The vicious cycle of life is really unfair...

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