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twenty four. phew!

For some reason, Blogger is being strange about letting me sign in before posting this comment.

Just wondering - does this post refer to a birthday? In which case, may you insha'Allah be blessed with many, many more years worth of birthdays, all of them filled with much love, happiness, peace, and steady faith, surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones. Ameen.
yup, turned two dozen yesterday :)
yup, turned two dozen yesterday :) thanks a lot fer your wishes

about comments on blogger -
i) they are sloooow
ii) the main post does not seem to suggest where to comment, you have to click on the permalink to find out, that sucks
iii) i couldn't use the "script" tag, which makes using enetation's comments impossible :(

so overall, blogger seems to have taken a step backwards rather than one forward with this relaunch.

and darnit how do i put line breaks here?

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