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Microsoft has thrown in the gauntlet with a leaner and meaner search page, much in immitation of Google's and is working on its own search technology ( - may not load properly) while Yahoo's search engine powers them now. Google is the real search company, and has been so for a while now, Yahoo is no pushover either, it will be interesting to watch how this particular battle plays out in the coming months.
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Update Looks like the search page has reverted back to its former self. Weird.

Update 2 Back to spartan look.

This battle of search engines is coming on well and geting benefitted are are the users. The search technology used by most search engines is not upto the mark as of now. SERP's for most keywords are filled with junk pages for reasons unknown. There are many pages that are filled with keywords and no content ranking high right under google's nose. I think innovation and evolution is the name of the game. Any one who innovates fast will be the winner.

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