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Just Another Day
What do you call a day when your wisdom tooth gets pulled in the morning and then your car gets rear-ended in the evening?
Today. Darn.

That hasn't yet happened to me so i wouldn't know.
However look at the bright side you might get a visit from the tooth fairy.
Anyway my sympathies.
Haha, yeah. No fairies though, only a few stars when my car was hit :)
A bad day?

My sympathies. Hope the car accident was minor.
Thank you.
The damage wasn't minor, but since the other driver accepted full responsibility, it won't hurt my pocket that much. Still working the details out and hoping my car's restored to its former pristine glory :)
Hey! This is Xanga Lotus... Just Saw you in Orkut, came to heave a "hi" :-)
Hi, it´s Lotus again. My real name is Sheila Souza, ans i´m a friend of Vineet´s also. i just left a message to on in orkut!
See ya

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