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Kerry and Edwards
I just saw a news report on CNN of how the the late night talk shows are having a swipe at Kerry's search for a VP and his new found love for Edwards. Particularly funny was the segment from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where the two are shown hugging, patting each others' backs, and in one particularly hilarious shot where Kerry seems to be petting Edwards' bottom. This brought to mind the warnings we, as fresh imports to USC were given by the crowd that had been around for a year, "Do not walk around with your arms around the shoulders of your friends, no hugging and absolutely no holding hands, they'll take you as gay" we were told, rather ominously. Not many of us are much inclined to hug and kiss other guys but Indians do tend to be more physical when greeting each other without raising any red flags. However, not wanting anyone casting any sort of aspersions on our sexuality the desi crowd maintained a studied distance from each other, all the hugging and petting was done behind closed doors.
Nope, I'm just kidding, there was no hugging or petting, that's reserved for candidates on the Presidential ticket, haha.

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