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The NJ Governor went to Columbia, Georgetown and then Harvard, quotes Machiavelli, has had a stellar political career and at 47 was ready to run for a second term next year. Then he gave it all up, and for what? Not because he was gay or contrite about his adulterous affair I think, though that was part of the picture, what seems to me the reason for McGreevey's resignation is the fear of having this played out in the press while he denied it and the scandal of giving plum postings to his lover. Should a public figure's private life be the public's business? Certainly not, but if their private life severly (and adversely) affects the decisions they make and compromises in any way their ability to be faithful to their duties then it is critical they remove themselves from the public sphere and let others take up their responsibilities. McGreevey's fault here is not that he's gay, obviously, it is that he indulged in; one, an affair that made him vulnerable to blackmail, and; two, favoritism of a most eggregious nature which reflected a cavalier attitude to some degree in his governorship duties. Maybe it is best he leaves office immediately instead of waiting till November, which may, yet, happen too.

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