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In Isaac Asimov's classic Foundation series, Hari Seldon develops an esoteric field of study called psychohistory that utilizes mathematical principles including statistics and probability with doses of psychology and historical data to predict within a fair margin of error, the future, or more accurately, behavior and social patterns on a broad scale for large social systems. Who was to know that in our own times there lives a man with a gift that would make even Hari Seldon envious, that man of course, is Senator John Kerry, challenger to the incumbent and psychic extraordinaire. If you haven't heard already, let me explain, from a fairly authoritative source, it can now be claimed John Kerry engineered his war record with surprising and admirable perspicacity, with an eye on a political (but till now 'insignificant') career. It is now easy to speculate the Vietnam war was really a stage show, completely scripted and directed by Mr. Kerry to further his political ambition, this is obvious from the facts,
i) he first fought in the war and then went on to criticize how it was being conducted
ii) his three purple hearts were variously the result of shooting himself, expertly self-inflicting minor shrapnel wounds and setting up fake ambushes through his contacts in the VietCong
iii) he even threw Rassmann overboard and then pretended to save him, just to get a bronze star, all bunkum
iv) the silver star too was gotten under suspicious circumstances, the VietCong who was supposedly shot by Kerry was in fact a plant, and had in his hands a pot of water, a lota (he came from behind a bush remember?) and not a B-40 grenade launcher as has been claimed
v) Kerry ran for office eventually, and is now running for President using his war record to argue for his candidacy, how much more proof do you need?

I'm just thinking, if Kerry could really plan for a shot at the Presidency thirty five years ago, maybe he deserves to be elected, then, with his clairvoyance and evil calculating mind he can fix all the world's problem spots including Palestine, Kashmir and Darfur, as well as all the issues that face America, from terrorism to outsourcing, don't you agree?

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