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Sex and the DC
To the long list of people you officially cannot have casual sex with add one more, bloggers who kiss and tell, especially if you are a married Hill staffer working for the government. The dubious honor of necessiating this caveat goes to Jessica Cutler also known, formerly, as Washingtonienne. In the blogosphere this is very old news and when I first heard of it I didn't think much of it, now, the Washington Post, in a long feature, discusses the entire affair (affairs?) and allows some perspective on Ms. Cutler's incredibly relaxed approach to sex, work and well, ultimately how she leads her life. Sometimes the episodes of Sex and the City seem exaggerated, I wonder what's driving these attitudes though, is it the media affecting the public or does it serve to, as has been argued often, hold up a mirror showing us the state of our times? It seems to me a bit of both, each feeding off the other, each extrapolating and inferring so that the reflection sometimes assumes the role of reality while reality becomes imagination.

As for the immediate after effects of the Cutler affair, I assume, the bars of DC will now have the gentlemen adding "You won't blog about this, will you?" to their pick up lines.

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