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Mostly Speechless.. dumbfounded horror. Except for one thing, how is it that Russia seems to take this rather aggressive approach to hostage situations? This and the previous incident, seem to suggest the Russians don't really believe in negotiation, I'm not sure if this is because the terrorists or hostage takers won't negotiate or if the Russian police and commandos believe, erroneously as it has twice turned out, that they can resolve such situations without much bloodshed. More than two hundred people died in this case, more than a hundred in the theater hold up in October 2002 but I haven't heard too many people criticizing the approach taken by the Russian law enforcement. It is impossible to be certain whether a protracted negotiation process would really result in a smaller number of deaths but I have a feeling it would, simply because what has happened in both of these incidents is a worst case scenario rather than the best.

I agree with the approach of the russians.
if they negotiate then they invite more such acts of terrorism.
Instead of criticizing the russian police i would rather criticize the hostage takers for their unpardonable deeds.
Kautiliya, you seem to have missed the point. More than 300 people are reported dead in Beslan and my contention is that perhaps this could have been better dealt with.

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