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I'm sick of it. Sick of Bush and Kerry. Sick of their wives. Sick of Cheney and Edwards. And their wives.
Sick of the spinners, who, in plain English, are liars.
I'm sick of the cable TV yellers, who try to make up in heat what they don't have in light.
I'm sick of being told Jon Stewart is funny. I'm even sick of thinking about whether Jon Stewart is funny.
I just want it to be over.
I'm sick of Kerry pretending to be a normal guy. Killing a goose to get the gun vote. Saying, "Who among us doesn't like NASCAR?" to get the racing vote.
President Bush bugs me, too. He and his Stepford Wife were on a stage in front of bales of hay. I'm thinking about the poor shlub who had to carry the hay so Bush could stand in front of it. That's the one job that won't be outsourced.
I'm sick of celebrities telling me whom to vote for. And of best seller lists gummed up with propaganda.
From an article by Michael Goodwin in the New York Daily News, via WaPo.

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