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Barack Hussein Obama
Living in the world's richest democracy after spending twenty one years in the world's largest, my dislike for politics has only deepened. This month marks the beginning of the 2008 Presidential campaign and the innuendo and name calling that would be more appropriate in a high school playground, but is so remarkably characteristic of American politics, has already begun. Chapati Mystery requests Barrack Obama to reissue a campaign statement in which the senator from Illinois sounds horrified at the very idea of being called a Muslim. I agree that Islam and its interpretation is flawed, but I also think the concept of religion itself is deeply flawed. To use someone's faith to cast aspersions on their qualifications or competence is wrong and unconstitutional and Obama should refrain from reinforcing such stereotypes. Even the Economist, a respected, even handed publication slips -

It has also emerged that his middle name is Hussein, and that his ears stick out. If this is the worst that can be said, so much the better for him.

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