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Movie Review - Flashbacks of a Fool

Based on the Rottentomatoes critics' consensus, I was a little reluctant renting this movie. I'm glad I wasn't dissuaded! This is an incredibly well directed movie with a superb cast, strong characters and some really good acting (Felicity Jones as the young Ruth is a delight). As another reviewer mentioned, the music by Roxy does stay with you. Ruth and Joe's first date, at her house, is a little reminiscent of the scene from Pulp Fiction where Vincent Vega goes to Marsellus' house to pick up Mia. In fact the discussion between Ruth and Joe on the relative merits of Bowie and Roxy is very Tarantion-esque (is that a word yet?).

I really enjoyed the movie and I think it is definitely worth your time (if you are the kind who likes the kind of movies I like :) ).

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