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Netflix Instant Play - IE 6 Crash

I use an IBM (nee Lenovo!) T60 laptop and recently replaced my entire machine with another one, except for the hard disk. The old hard disk in a new laptop created some interesting problems. For example, iTunes forced me to register my laptop as a separate machine ("This is your second registration out of a maximum 5"). Another irritating problem was that IE (I'm still on 6, I use Firefox for browsing and IE only when forced to), kept crashing when I tried to play a movie via Netflix's Instant Viewing feature. This was weird because I'd been playing movies without any problems until last week, before I switched the hardware. Specifically, after clicking "Play", the screen would show "Determining video quality" and then the IE would crash. I did a quick search and found this link -

Based on the advice contained in that post, I downloaded the Netflix SDK Runtime Environment and the DRM Reset Utility. After installing the runtime environment and resetting the DRM I tried playing a movie - this time IE did not crash - instead, it prompted me to install another component and then played the movie. Problem solved!

Other system info -
OS - Windows XP Professional with SP2
Media Player - Windows Media Player v11
Browser - IE 6

Hope this helps!

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