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When I started ublog a little over a year ago I had no idea it would end up being so wildly popular. With over six hits per day, atleast two comments per month on my extremely incisive posts and after having been listed on more than ten other weblogs I've truly come a long way. I'd like to take this rather overwhelming moment to thank Ideofact, Yaz, Al Muhajabah, Tac, Von and my cup of tea. But most importantly I'd like to thank Bushwa for an uncomparable look into how the simian mind works, oh sorry, did I say simian? I meant how a simple mind works. And now we can get back to being speechless at how incredibly partisan this country seems to get on every conceivable topic with little concern for America and much more on how opinions can be classified as extreme right, right, left, extreme left, right of left, left of right, center, conservative, liberal blah blah blah.

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