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The events in Fallujah today are unspeakable in their brutality, there seems to be a beast on the loose in those streets that won't subject to reason or control. What kind of sick perverts burn, mutiliate, drag the dead on the streets and then string them over a bridge as a final outrage? Is this just an Iraq issue? Or is most, if not all humanity, susceptible to such insane behavior? The incident brings back to mind the burning of Graham Steins, an Australian missionary, some years ago in the Indian state of Orissa and of the burning down of a train compartment filled with people in Godhra, Gujrat, an incident that sparked off retaliatory attacks and some of the worst communal riots in Indian history. I can only hang my head in shame and horror at this latest example of the depths man is capable of.

just a note
When I started ublog a little over a year ago I had no idea it would end up being so wildly popular. With over six hits per day, atleast two comments per month on my extremely incisive posts and after having been listed on more than ten other weblogs I've truly come a long way. I'd like to take this rather overwhelming moment to thank Ideofact, Yaz, Al Muhajabah, Tac, Von and my cup of tea. But most importantly I'd like to thank Bushwa for an uncomparable look into how the simian mind works, oh sorry, did I say simian? I meant how a simple mind works. And now we can get back to being speechless at how incredibly partisan this country seems to get on every conceivable topic with little concern for America and much more on how opinions can be classified as extreme right, right, left, extreme left, right of left, left of right, center, conservative, liberal blah blah blah.

From One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez,
They asked first that he renounce the revision of property titles in order to get back the support of the Liberal landowners. They asked, secondly, that he rnounce the fight against clerical influence in order to obtain the support of the Catholic masses. They asked, finally, that he renounce the aim of equal rights for natural and illegitimate children in order to preserve the integrity of the home.

"That means," Colonel Aureliano Buendia said, smiling when the reading was over, "that all we're fighting for is power."

"They're tactical changes," one of the delegates replied. Right now the main thing is to broaden the popular base of the war. Then we'll have another look."

just one clear sign
               If only God would give me some clear sign! Like making a large deposit in my name in a Swiss bank.   
- Woody Allen

we need to talk
I entirely fail to understand this poilicy of avenging the living for the actions of the dead. There seems to be little justification for extracting revenge on the families and the houses of suicide bombers in the face of their own horror and distress at the actions of a family member. These policies don't end up solving any of Israel's problems, they seems only to result in the terrorists committing even more despicable acts of terrorism. By continuing with their barrier the Israelis are only recreating the ghettos they were banished to at one time in Europe, by separating people from family and making it impossible for the Palestinians to pursue a life of dignity they are making death and destruction a viable option for the Palestinians. And before anyone starts jumping and accusing me of blaming Israel for the suicide bombings, I beg to differ, my concern is that they are instrumental in worsening the situation, not improving it. If retaliation against the families of suicide bombers had any merit it would have deterred others but, rather unfortunately, it hasn't.

you kidding me?
The real question is not whether there is intelligent life beyond earth, but whether there is such a thing on earth itself*. We can strike off Britain from the list of probables now. Via Tacitus contributor Macallan.
On Tuesday, Blunkett will fight in the Royal Courts of Justice in London for the right to charge victims of miscarriages of justice more than £3000 for every year they spent in jail while wrongly convicted. The logic is that the innocent man shouldn’t have been in prison eating free porridge and sleeping for nothing under regulation grey blankets.

*This is not an original quote, read something similar somewhere, not sure by who though.

spanish tragedy
I find this whole claim of the terrorists having won in Spain rather flawed if not entirely absurd, certainly the bomb blasts in Madrid influenced the populace in the way it voted but to assert that it was only Aznar's government that could have somehow protected Spain from terrorism is plain wrong. It was during Aznar's administration that the attacks were carried out, so if there is anyone to share the blame for that dastardly attack, it's the government that is going out. A majority of Spain's population was against their country's involvement in the war in Iraq, and justly so, now when they have gone and exercised their franchise it is nothing short of trivializing the democratic process when the conservative pundits claim the voting results are merely the result of the terrorist attack. Zack weighs in with a longer post.

the curse of the idiot box
Besides the fact that I've started a new job only last week and now also am the proud owner of a brand new two year old TV, the reason I haven't felt particularly inclined to update is that I don't have anything to say, I just don't care. Oh yes, two hundred people were brutally massacred in Iraq, America's least competent politician seems well on his way to a second term as preprepresident, Martha was justly convicted and John Allen Muhammad is to be sent to the gallows but my primary concern right now is filing my taxes on time. How shallow! but if people actually listened to me I'd be selling advice. I finished with Satanic Verses by the way, great piece of work, and for all those who have taken a stand on it without having read it, big mistake!

gas prices...
...are through the roof! What is this, war ravaged Iraq that we need to pay Halliburton prices?

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