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I entirely fail to understand this poilicy of avenging the living for the actions of the dead. There seems to be little justification for extracting revenge on the families and the houses of suicide bombers in the face of their own horror and distress at the actions of a family member. These policies don't end up solving any of Israel's problems, they seems only to result in the terrorists committing even more despicable acts of terrorism. By continuing with their barrier the Israelis are only recreating the ghettos they were banished to at one time in Europe, by separating people from family and making it impossible for the Palestinians to pursue a life of dignity they are making death and destruction a viable option for the Palestinians. And before anyone starts jumping and accusing me of blaming Israel for the suicide bombings, I beg to differ, my concern is that they are instrumental in worsening the situation, not improving it. If retaliation against the families of suicide bombers had any merit it would have deterred others but, rather unfortunately, it hasn't.

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